Dealer – Treasury

Age : Preferably below 40
Qualifications : 1. Degree/Post Graduate Degree from a recognized university
Experience : Minimum 8-10 years’ experience in banking including at least 5 years as a dealer in the dealing room(s) of
reputed bank(s)
The ideal candidate should
1. Be well versed with the quoting and covering in foreign exchange spot, forwards and swaps markets.
2. Be able to form views on currency movements and advise customers.
3. Have quick reflexes to run multiple positions and to monitor the movements in various currencies and other
securities simultaneously.
4. Have experience in handling high volume forex transactions in volatile markets.
5. Have experience in efficiently managing money market operations including lending, borrowing and making use
of arbitrage opportunities.
6. Have the ability to manage and source funds in tight liquidity conditions.
7. Have clear understanding of various ratios and regulations in respect of Treasury functions and the ability to
manage the operations within the various risk and regulatory limits.
8. Have the ability to quickly spot and make use of income earning opportunities in various markets within the risk
9. Have the leadership qualities to guide others in the dealing room to achieve individual as well as group targets.
10. Be prepared to accept higher responsibilities as and when required.

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