Should I mention all my technical skills in the CV?

Should I mention all my technical skills in the CV?

To answer that question, look at the extract from a CV below. What impression do you have?


Good knowledge of Matlab/Simulink

Good knowledge of C/C++ language

Good knowledge of Java language

Good knowledge of html/Javascript

Good knowledge of ASP

Good knowledge of PHP

Good knowledge of Visual Studio

Good knowledge of query language (MySql)

Good knowledge of Latex

Good knowledge of Doxygen

Intermediate knowledge of Labview.

There are many problems with the example above. The most obvious are the use of a horizontal rather than a vertical list and the repetition of ‘good knowledge’. It would be much more concise to do as follows:

Software Skills

I have good knowledge of the following: Matlab/Simulink; CC++; Java; Javascript/HTML, ASP, PHP

Intermediate knowledge: Labview

The other problem is credibility – is it possible to have good knowledge’ of so many systems and languages? Just list the technical skills that are listed in the company’s job specifications or which you think might, in any case, be useful for the job you are applying for.

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