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There are not many certainties in life – death and taxes are probably the main ones. Now there is another. At some time, we are all likely to need a Curriculum Vitae or CV for short. Whether we’re leaving school or college, wanting a career change, experiencing redundancy, or returning from a career break, our first priority is to get a CV written. Not only is a CV necessary for the benefit of the intended reader, but as this book will illustrate, compiling one can provide great insight for you personally. Rather than relying on someone who doesn’t know you to write your ‘personal sales brochure’, upcoming posts or blogs shall give you a practical step-by-step approach to creating your own.

We have all faced the frustration of knowing we can do the job, but how do we get a foot in the door’? Your CV is the key to opening those doors. You will learn not just how to sell yourself, but how to tailor and vary your approach accordingly. Interviews will also take on a new meaning when we see the role our CV typically plays in that situation.

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