How much time and effort should I spend on writing my CV?

How much time and effort should I spend on writing my CV?

Your CV is probably one of the most important documents that you will ever write in your life. It is your passport to a job. It is worth spending time and money to make it look 100 % professional.

Look at the extracts below from a CV. Based purely on a first impression
and irrespective of the candidate’s field of work, would you be interested in
offering this person a job? How much time and attention do you think the
candidate devoted to his CV?

Curriculum Vitae et studiroum of Michael Carleone

Place of birth:    Pisa

Date of birth:     21st august 1996

Home address:  Italia

Home phone:     +390215454545165



18/jul/2025:        Graduation in Biology cum laude at University of Pisa

11/sep/2025:     Qualifications as professional Biologist

1/dec/2026:        begin PhD in Molecular Technology at University of Pisa


Good knowledge of spoken & written English language, also in scientific field. I attend language course at the University of Pisa

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